What are the Bugles Blowing For?

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Nicolas Freeling
March 2017
Ipso Books

In the sultry heat of a summer afternoon in a small French town, Inspector Henri Castang receives a call about a triple homicide.

Rushing to the scene of the crime, Castang finds the three bodies brutally murdered in the woods behind two of the victim’s home. The only witness is the head of the household, husband and father to two of the victims, who pleads his innocence.

This case only gets more unusual for Castang as begins to unravel the disturbing web of evidence that places the three victims in the most unlikely of relationships. Castang is determined to play by the rules but as more and more evidence comes to light he finds himself pursing darker paths to get to the truth.


What are the Bugles Blowing For? is a Henri Castang Mystery, originally published in 1975.

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