Out Now: Summer Round Up

It’s been a busy summer since our last round up, so here’s a quick update of all our new releases since you last heard from us.

The 26th and 27th instalments of John Creasey’s Department Z series are now available, with Dead or Alive’s release on the 21st July and A Kind of Prisoner following on the 18th August. Catch up with Gordon Craigie, Bill Loftus, and the rest of the gang at our favourite British Intelligence Agency as they battle atomic weapons, foreign enemies and false friends within their own ranks.

Dead or Alive introduces a kidnapping plot, a destructive weapon, and a love triangle for a secretive, brooding agent.

A Kind of Prisoner sees a new challenge for Craigie: an enemy within his own walls, turning once loyal friends into deadly foes. Is this related to the prisoner the Department have captured? Craigie needs answers before times runs out for what’s left of Department Z…

Nicolas Freeling brought his signature darkness to summer with Lady Macbeth released on the 28th July. After an explosive argument on the switch back roads of the Vosges Mountains, Guy Lebfebvre returns, but his wife Sibille does not. Fans of Gillan Flynn’s Gone Girl will enjoy the tale of the secrets underneath a seemingly normal marriage.


Nicholas Blake’s Malice in Wonderland was also released this summer, on the 19th July, a pastiche of Lewis Carroll’s classic that places Detective Nigel Strangeways at the centre of a holiday camp called Wonderland that is plagued by a series of cruel jokes conducted by the mysterious ‘Mad Hatter.’ As the pranks become increasingly dangerous and tensions rise, Nigel must do all he can to uncover the Mad Hatter’s true identity – before it’s too late.

On the 21st August, we returned to Nigel Strangeways with The Corpse in the Snowman. This time our detective is baffled by the apparent suicide of an enigmatic, vital girl. What compelled Elizabeth Restorick to take her own life? Or did someone take it from her?

The Man of Dangerous Secrets, released on the 11th August, was penned by Maxwell March, a pseudonym of Queen of Crime Margery Allingham. Allingham concocts a tale of an attempted murder, a cursed Heiress, and a deadly mystery with potentially tragic consequences. Robin Grey did not mean to ensnare himself in a sinister plot. But if loving Jennifer Fern means certain death, can Grey protect her, and his own heart, before history repeats itself?

  Blake_MaliceinWonderland_Concept2   Blake_CorpseintheSnowman_Concept4    The Man of Dangerous Secrets-1

Our most recent releases have both been classic works by Michael Innes: Lament for a Maker on the 23rd August, and Stop Press on the 8th September. Here we return to Inspector Appleby as he investigates a deadly accident in rural Scotland, and a famous writer whose fictional criminal appears to be coming to life.

Innes_LamentforaMaker_Ebook     Innes_StopPress_Ebook

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