What we are looking for in submissions:

Ipso Books specialises in stories that whisk you away whether it be for twenty minutes or two days. The kind that have you making excuses for just one more page. The kind that turn a bus stuck in traffic into a godsend. The kind that make you laugh in recognition and cry in total understanding.

We’re looking for gripping commercial fiction across all genres; particularly women’s fiction, crime, thrillers, historical fiction and supernatural with a special focus on series.

Ipso Books blends the innovative and the traditional, both in how we work and who we publish. We embrace the flexibility and freshness of digital while maintaining a strong belief in the value of quality editorial and design input, placing the author at the centre of everything we do. We want to work with authors who will keep readers coming back for more.

We read every submission that we receive, and we aim to get back to authors within eight weeks.

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How we accept submissions:

We accept submissions via email.

Please send the first three chapters (or around fifty pages) of your novel as well as a full synopsis and a covering letter, with a brief CV of your writing career, if appropriate, to