Out Now: Why Aren’t They Screaming?

Ipso Books is excited to announce that Why Aren’t They Screaming? by Joan Smith out now. The first of Smith’s novel to be getting a brand-new edition by Ipso, Why Aren’t They Screaming? follows English Professor Loretta Lawson as she finds herself stumbling into a violent and unpredictable scenario…


Why Aren’t They Screaming? is available to buy HERE


Loretta Lawson needs to escape London. Diagnosed with glandular fever and ordered to rest, she sets off for the countryside and the apparently idyllic home of Clara Wolstonecraft- children’s author, strident peace activist and distant acquaintance in possession of a spare room. It’s the perfect set up as long as Loretta doesn’t mind sharing her space with the peace camp currently residing on Clara’s grounds.

The scenery is beautiful, the house idyllic… but the peace does not last long. The camp is plagued by one incident after another- a break in, an attempted arson, a dinner party interrupted by blood red paint splattering the windows.

But Loretta soon realises that the attacks are the least of their worries. Clara herself is being targeted by anonymous letters, phone calls, menacing radio messages. And she hasn’t said a word to the friends and family who fill her home. Why is she being targeted, and what exactly does she have to hide? Loretta is determined to find out before the situation escalates. But it may already be too late…




















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