Out Now: The Weight of the Evidence

Ipso Books is excited to announce that The Weight of the Evidence by Michael Innes is out now. John Appleby finds himself going back to school to uncover the truth behind a bizarre mystery – a professor killed by a falling asteroid. Packed full of Innes’ trademark eloquence and classical references, this novel marks Ipso Books’ eight publication in the Inspector Appleby series.


The Weight of the Evidence is available to buy HERE

Nesfield University has awoken to a bizarre discovery: Professor Pluckrose is dead, apparently struck down by a falling meteorite. Inspector Appleby is called and it soon becomes clear that the meteorite didn’t fall from the sky, but from the tower looming above a courtyard in which the Professor routinely took his breaks.

Was Pluckrose’s death an unfortunate accident? Or is there a murderer lurking in Nesfield’s hallowed halls?

Navigating the competing accounts of rival academics, each with their own motivations, agendas and egos, Appleby struggles to join the dots. And when every conversation unveils a new suspect Appleby feels the truth slipping further and further from his grasp.

Drawn in to the suffocating world of university jealousies and obsessions, will Appleby reveal the truth… or has he finally met his intellectual match?


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