Out Now: The Dreadful Hollow

Ipso Books is excited to announce that Nicholas Blake‘s exciting mystery The Dreadful Hollow is out now. This crime classic follows Nigel Strangeways as he investigates a disturbing series of letters in an isolated town. This novel is Ipso Books’ eighth publication of Blake’s and was released on December 11th.


The Dreadful Hollow is available to buy HERE

Prior’s Umborne was a poisoned village, no doubt about that.

The small town of Prior’s Umborne is alive with gossip and accusation. A rash of poison pen letters has been sent to some of the inhabitants. Bleeding out buried secrets from the recipients’ pasts, the letters have already driven one man to take his own life.

With fear and suspicion spreading like wildfire, Private Investigator Nigel Strangeways is called in by Sir Archibald Blick, a wealthy businessman with his own set of enemies, to determine who is behind these malicious letters.

But as Nigel becomes a part of village life, he uncovers more than just the author of these deadly notes. When another body is discovered, Nigel must work quickly to untangle a web of family secrets and rivalry, love triangles and ultimatums before old grudges claim another life.

The Dreadful Hollow


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