Out Now: Marry in Haste

Ipso Books is excited to announce that Marry In Haste by Jane Aiken Hodge is out now. The first of Hodge’s novels to get a brand new edition by Ipso Books, Marry in Haste is an epic historical romance set during the rise of Napoleon, and explores how this European conflict affected ordinary lives. Packed full of romance, war, and betrayal, the twists and turns of this novel will keep you hooked until the very end.


Marry In Haste is available to buy HERE

Camilla Forest has fallen upon hard times since fleeing France and the tyrannical rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. When her job as a governess ends in disaster, Camilla finds herself penniless and alone, stranded on a muddy roadside.

A chance encounter with the notoriously aloof Lord Leominster presents Camilla with an unexpected solution to her dire situation: an offer of marriage.

Destitute and without prospects, Camilla is ready to dismiss romantic ideals in order to secure her future. But why does Leominster, openly dismissive of women generally and Camilla in particular, want to marry her?

Camilla grudgingly accepts, and a loveless deal is struck. But what exactly has she agreed to? As the conflict in Europe escalates and Napoleon’s reach spreads, Leominster is sent to Portugal, forcing Camilla to follow.

As everything Camilla one knew is turned upside down again, she tries to navigate this new world of violence and fear. But soon Camilla finds herself falling in love with the man she thought she never could. With war edging ever closer, will Camilla be able to find happiness before it’s too late?

Marry in Haste

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