Out Now: The Devil and Her Son

We are thrilled to announce that July 11th saw the release of The Devil and Her Son, the third of the ‘lost’ Margery Allingham novels written under her thriller pseudonym, Maxwell March.

Margery Allingham, queen of golden age crime, is revered for her detective mysteries involving traditional British sleuth, Albert Campion. But there’s another side to Margery Allingham’s writing. The Devil and Her Son, follows the release of the first Maxwell March novel, Rogues’ Holiday, in January.

Allingham began writing under the nom de plume Maxwell March in 1931 when, as the primary earner of her household, she found herself under financial strain. Her now lauded Campion mysteries had not yet reached the height of their success, so Allingham opted to expand her output. Seizing the opportunity for a change in genre, she donned a pseudonym and began writing serialised thrillers for Answers magazine. These thrillers fell out of print and stayed that way for 79 years.

Ipso Books is proud to bring these sensational thrillers back and to introduce Margery Allingham to a new audience while also giving her dedicated fans the opportunity for something new…

Rogues' HolidayThe Devil and Her Son

Something was wrong in this quiet, lovely house, something inexpressibly horrible, something cruel.

Mary Coleridge is destitute and desperate. Out of a job, out of a home, and out of luck, Mary engages in a seemingly innocuous lie to provide her with a little break from London. Posing as her friend, she travels to the countryside to visit Miss Mason’s wealthy aunt. The estate is grand, Mrs de Liane eager and endearing, the food abundant and delectable – it is everything Mary could have hoped for. Realizing the benefits of her con, Mary settles into her new life and the possibility of a new beau.

But something is not right within the great house.

Mary cannot shake the feeling that something sinister is brewing in Barson’s Tye. The sweet Mrs de Liane has soured, scheming to entrap Mary in her devilish plans. When May fails to cooperate, Mrs de Liane holds her captive. How much farther will she go to keep Mary there? With no one to turn to and no way out, will Mary ever escape the house, and the oppressive evil that rules it?

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