New From Ipso Books – John Creasey’s The Enemy Within (Department Z)

Following the release of The Department of Death in May, and The Enemy Within this month, next month we will see the release of Dead or Alive in July to Ipso Books’ growing list of John Creasey’s Department Z novels. This will leave us with three titles left inclusive of Dead or Alive to complete the 28 book series of Department Z.

John Creasey wrote the Department Z series between 1933–1957. Department Z is a British Intelligence agency set up in the early 1930s and consists of an ultra-secret collection of agents who conceal their identity dressed as civilians. The stories take place before, during and after the Second World War when the men of Department Z fought the enemies of the crown.

Marlene von Barlack knew everything that there was to know about politicians in The Department of Death. She knew who they spoke to, where they went, and most of all she knew how to get them into bed. But now Marlene must use her powers of persuasion to do some investigating of international proportions. One of her famous lovers is plotting political destruction and it is up to her to seek out who is planning to dismantle world peace.

In The Enemy Within Britain’s Department Z faces its biggest test when the organisation is threatened by an enemy within its walls. Charles Corliss, son of a murdered agent from Department Z, seems like the perfect recruit for the ultra-secret spy organisation. But when things start going seriously wrong the agents begin to suspect that this charming young man is not as loyal as he first seemed.

With the future release from Ipso Books Dead or Alive in July, the world is under threat of destruction, as the politicians hedge their bets with atomic weapons, it seems no one is safe. The world’s only hope, a brilliant professor who knows how to make nations and people invulnerable to atomic attack is kidnapped by power hungry men. Gordon Craigie assigns agent Peter Ross to get the professor back: dead or alive. But Ross is in love with two beautiful women—one of them the professor’s daughter and the other who just may be the key to the whole mystery.

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