Introducing… Jane Aiken Hodge

2018 is bringing with it a whole host of new authors to Ipso Books. In this exciting time, we wanted to start introducing you to these new voices. First up is the novelist Jane Aiken Hodge. Aiken Hodge’s novel, Marry in Haste, is being republished by Ipso Books on January 18, but we wanted to give you primer on the fascinating life of the author herself first!

So, who is Jane Aiken Hodge?

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Aiken Hodge was born in Massachusetts, but moved with her family to Great Britain when she was three years old. She was born into literary stock; her father, Conrad Aiken, was a Pulitzer prize winning poet. Her younger sister would also go on to become a children’s novelist. Aiken Hodge read English at Somerville College, Oxford, and then moved to America to undertake a second degree in English at Radcliffe College, where her mother had previously attended. After working for Time Magazine for a stint, she returned to the UK in 1947.

Aiken Hodge’s novel, Marry in Haste, was published in 1969. From then she embarked upon a long and successful career as an author, her works of fiction ranging from historical romances to detective fiction. Taking a particular interest in the lives of women during vast political conflicts, such as the Napoleonic War, Aiken Hodge’s novels showcase the independence of women in a time where freedom was hard won.

Aiken Hodge published 31 works of fiction over the span of her career, and 3 works of non-fiction. Ipso Books are taking on multiple of Aiken Hodge’s historical romances, and are incredibly excited to begin publishing. Make sure you check out Marry in Haste, and if you liked what you read, keep an eye out for similar themes in more of our upcoming titles over the next few months!

Marry in Haste


Happy Reading!