Out Now: Summer Round Up

It’s been a busy summer since our last round up, so here’s a quick update of all our new releases since you last heard from us.


Richard Creasey tells us how his father, John Creasey, first became a writer

The story of how John Creasey, author of over 500 crime novels, first became a writer is a brilliant one. Who better to tell us about it than his son, Richard Creasey. “So, couple of stories. The first one is 1938/39 Christmas and Dad was struggling to get full length novels written and he had to […]


Q&A with our cover designer, Stuart Bache

We pose a few questions to cover designer, Stuart Bache, following the success of his Eric Ambler and John Creasey jackets. (We are looking forward to publishing more from him soon!)


The Story of John Creasey, The Writer…

The tale of how John Creasey first, and finally, got published, is certainly inspiring– Christmas Eve 1935, at the end of a long day’s work, the temporary postman began his long bike home to the suburbs of London. He was a young man in his twenties. Slush black with soot lay in the streets. More snow […]