Out Now: The Weight of the Evidence

Ipso Books is excited to announce that The Weight of the Evidence by Michael Innes is out now.


Out Now: The Whisper in the Gloom

Ipso Books is excited to announce that Nicholas Blake’s gripping mystery The Whisper in the Gloom is out now. Featuring a young boy with a speed boat, a Soviet delegation with their eyes on assassination and, of course, the brilliant Nigel Strangeways, this novel marks Ipso Books’ eight publication of Blake’s and was released on December 8th.


Christmas Round-Up: Mavis Cheek

We’ve mid way through December and the festive season is well and truly upon us. To help us get into the festive mood, Mavis Cheek, author of the brilliant Three Men on a Plane, is here to share her favourite Christmas reads.


Christmas Round Up: Helen Slavin

It’s December 1st, which means Christmas is just around the corner. To help kick off the festive season, we thought we’d have Helen Slavin, author of The Witch Ways Series, share her favourite Christmas reads.


Q&A: Helen Slavin’s The Stopping Place

Bestselling author of Mr Make Believe and Keeping My Sisters’ Secrets Beezy Marsh sits down with Helen Slavin to discuss the release of Slavin’s slow burning thriller, The Stopping Place,


Margery Allingham: Where to start?

Queen of crime Margery Allingham’s oeuvre can seem intimidating to a beginner, so we’ve put together a handy guide.


Out Now: The Oaken Heart

Ipso Books is excited to announce that The Oaken Heart: The Story of an English Village at War by Margery Allingham is out now. Published on November 21st, this beautiful memoir is an enriching account of life in an English village during the outbreak of the Second World War.


Out Now: The Stopping Place

Ipso Books is excited to announce that The Stopping Place by Helen Slavin is out now.


Staff Picks: Halloween Reads

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our series of Haunting Halloween Reads, showcasing a wide range of authors from Bram Stoker to Alice Hoffman. As it’s the last Friday before the big day (or, big night), we thought we’d share our own favourite spooky picks, straight from the office at Ipso Books.


Author Picks: Mavis Cheek’s Halloween Reads

With a week and a half left until Halloween, we’ve asked Mavis Cheek, author of Parlour Games, for her favourite spooky reads to suit the season.