Beezy Marsh: On Mother’s Day

MOTHERHOOD: I live it and breathe it every day and let me tell you, it’s nothing like the chocolates and flowers version peddled to us by the shops for Mother’s Day.

Oh, no; it’s messier, funnier, at times darker and – I would say – all the more beautiful for it.

The truth about my imperfect life as a mum to two wonderful and (still, even as teenage years approach, God help me) sleepwrecking little boys provided some of the inspiration for my romantic comedy Mr Make Believe and the hilarious antics of daydreaming mum Marnie, who finds marriage with kids is not working out as she planned. The book started life as Everymum, because so many mothers I knew could relate to the struggles of raising two kids and trying to juggle some semblance of a career, oh, and trying to have a meaningful conversation with their other half maybe once a year. Mothers know, the fight is real.

Would Marnie need flowers and a present from her children, on a Hallmark-appointed day, to know that she is loved and appreciated? Would she be upset to find that the kids have forgotten and her husband has too, and is frantically searching service stations up and down the M40 for the last remaining bunch of daffs as dawn breaks on Mothering Sunday? Surely, such things only happen in a fictional world, but, no, Marnie wouldn’t mind because she knows, deep down, knee-deep down, in the dirty laundry pile, and her family loves her to bits. But she’d probably make a mental note of it for Father’s Day in June…

In my writing, mothers are the glue which bind everything together. In my bestseller, Keeping My Sisters’ Secrets, set in a 1930s London slum, the decisions made by the girls’ mother Margaret, who is trying to survive an abusive relationship, impact on them and strengthen their bond. My next book, All My Mother’s Secrets, due to be published by Panmacmillan in Summer 2018, delves much deeper into the role of the mother as a lynchpin in a working class family, and her choices, which have far reaching consequences for the next generation. I can’t wait to share more news about it with you soon.

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