Jane Aiken Hodge


Jane Aiken Hodge was born in Massachusetts, but moved with her family to East Sussex in Britain when she was three years old. After reading English in Somerville College, Oxford, she moved to the US to undertake a second degree at Radcliffe College. Whilst she was there, she spent time as a civil servant and worked for Time Magazine before returning to the UK to focus on her career as a novelist. In 1972 she became a British citizen. She is the daughter of the Pulitzer prize-winning poet, Conrad Aiken.

Aiken Hodge is known for her works of historical romance. In a career spanning nearly fifty years, she published over thirty novels, exploring contemporary settings and the detective genre in her later life. She died in 2009, aged ninety-two.



Watch the Wall, My Darling (1966)

The Winding Stair (1968)

Marry in Haste (1969)

Greek Wedding (1970)

Strangers in Company (1973)

Rebel Heriess (1975)

Judas Flowering (1976)

Red Sky at Night Lover’s Delight (1977)

Last Act (1979)

Wide is the Water (1981)

Polonaise (1988)

First Night (1990)

Leading Lady (1990)

Whispering (1995)

A Death in Two Parts (2000)

Deathline (2003)




Titles from Jane Aiken Hodge