Out Now: Introducing Michael Innes to Ipso Books

On July 17th we begin reissuing Michael Innes’ Sir John Appleby novels, starting with the release of Death at the President’s Lodging and Hamlet, Revenge!

Michael Innes is the pseudonym of John Innes Mackintosh Stewart. Innes was a Scottish novelist and academic. He is equally well known for the works of literary criticism and contemporary novels published under his real name and for the crime fiction published under his pseudonym. Many devotees of the Innes books were unaware of his other “identity”, and vice versa.

Innes published nearly fifty crime novels and short story collections in his lifetime, but is best known for creating Detective Inspector Sir John Appleby of Scotland Yard, who eventually through the course of the later novels becomes Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

In Death at the President’s Lodging, the members of St Anthony’s College awake one bleak November morning to find the most chilling of crimes has happened in their quiet, contained college. Josiah Umpleby, President of the college, has been shot in his room during the night.

With the killer walking among them, Inspector John Appleby of the New Scotland Yard is called in to investigate. As tensions rise and accusations abound, can Appleby determine which of the seven suspects had motive and malice enough to murder a colleague in cold blood?

Innes_DeathPresident_EbookInnes_HamletRevenge_EbookHamlet, Revenge! stages a vast and glittering party, attended by the pinnacles of society, at the expansive Seamnum Court.

The guests prepare for their amateur production of Hamlet, thinly veiled threats are secretly delivered among attendees. As tensions mount, the Duke of Horton, The Lord Chancellor of England, is killed during his portrayal of Polonius.

With the spectre of war looming, it seems that espionage may be afoot. The Prime Minister dispatches Inspector John Appleby to investigate. But within hours of Appleby’s arrival, he has another body on his hands.

You can pre-order your copies here – Death at the President’s Lodging and Hamlet, Revenge!

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